Stress In The Workplace

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Perhaps the most common cause of stress is associated with a person’s job or business.  A person spends a very big chunk of their life at work, and it’s not something most people can simply avoid when they need to cut down on their stress levels.  Unless you have a big trust fund or still live with your parents, it’s not likely you could reasonably avoid work for long!

Workplace stress is a very serious issue that is affecting millions of people today.  The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found a number of responses to various studies on the issue of stress in the workplace.  A study by Northwestern Nation life found that 40% of people classify their job as “very or extremely stressful”.  The Families and Work Intitute found that 26% say they are “often or very often burned out or stressed” by their work.  And a survey done by Yale University discovered that 29% of workers reported feeling “quite a bit of extremely stressed at work”.

A staggering one fourth of employees say their job is the number one source of stress in their lives, so the problem is quite widespread and very serious.  With so many people experiencing stress on the job, is it any wonder our health is suffering?

There are a number of things you can do to help ease some of the stress you feel at work:

  • Try to strike a balance between your work life, family, and personal life.
  • Build a network of friends and family to support you.
  • Talk to your employer about how you feel and see if solutions can be found.
  • Get enough rest.  Working to exhaustion can worsen stress.
  • Ask for help.  Call on family, friends, coworkers, your boss, and anyone who will listen.

If you are experiencing stress at work, you need to take action to correct it.  If you don’t, your health will end up suffering, your relationships could have issues, and you could end up quitting your job out of sheer desperation.  It’s much better to try to fix things than to just abandon ship.

Relationships And Stress

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Relationship issues are one of the most common causes of chronic stress.  When your relationship isn’t happy or is having issues, it can effect your whole life.  A lot of people underestimage the importance of having a healthy relationship.  They may think other things like money, work, and kids come first.  But that can lead to serious troubles that actually affect all of those things.

Whenever your relationship is having problems, it causes stress.  Chronic stress can cause you to perform poorly at work, lead to job loss, and even cause you to mistreat other people around you, like coworkers, friends, and even your children.  When relationship problems are left to fester, they can spread into every other area of your life.

You may not even realize that you have serious issues in your relationship.  Some people are absolutely shocked when their mrelationship breaks up, having felt everything was ok.  But in retrospect they can often see that the relationship had been in trouble for some time.

As yourself these questions:

  • Do you and your partner fight often more than once per week?
  • Do you feel any anger, resentment, or hostility towards your partner?
  • Do you ever suspect your partner might be cheating on you, or thinking about it?
  • Are you cheating on your partner, or thinking about it?
  • Do you ever find yourself wishing things could “be like they used to be”?
  • Do you think you get enough attention from your partner?
  • Do you feel you spend enough time together?
  • Do you believe your sex life is mutually satisfying?

These are all issues that, while many are mild, can all lead to serious relationship troubles.  Things like cheating are obviously extremely detrimental to a relationship, but even minor issues like arguing often or feelings of lack of attention can mount up and lead to more severe problems.

Please take a good look at your relationship as a potential source of stress.  If you’ve been trying to de-stress your life and are still feeling the effects, this might be one place you’ve thus far overlooked!